Maquinas de bocadillos

Croust´Wich: Hyperview Showcase

La mejor presentación para tus bocadillos

General Information

Cold straight display (+2-+5°C) for displaying the cold sandwich fillings, desserts,
Refrigerated display that keeps the fillings as well as other products cold
(between 2 and 5°C)
The height of the display is adapted to facilitate the communication between
the customer and the waiter
Big volume/capacity of display : 530L for 1.92m2.
The “aquarium” design of the display (only glasses) to have a better view on
the products.
Lighting on every shelf so all filling are highlighted (white led)
Easy to restock the display (of trays with fillings) thanks to 2 sliding doors at the
Easy washing thanks to the tilting front glass and the 2 back sliding doors

Standard features

Even ventilation flow thanks to the 2 blowers located in the front of the
2 fans
Doubled-glassed display with a stainless steel frame
Anti-condensation system on the front glass
4 or 5 display levels thanks to frames which accept directly the Croust’wich trays
Layered levels to have a better view on all the fillings
Lighting thanks to lights at every level: cold lighting (LED)
Tilting front glass for easy cleaning
Built-in condensation-unit
Back closed thanks to 2 sliding doors
On wheels
Decoration of the bottom part, colour of your choice